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Skincare Hero

It started as a normal project, but then a really cool feature was added to it: a way to generate several posts with just the click of one button.
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Skincare Hero


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Tools and technologies

Wordpress, Oxygen, ACF Pro, custom PHP

About the project

Skincare Hero is a blog that talks about several different skin products.

Another designer was responsible for the entire look of the website.

At first, it was just a normal project, but then an interesting challenge was presented. It was maybe the most complicated feature I've ever implemented on a website.



When I first started working on this website I had just one simple goal: to develop all pages that were previously designed in a responsive way. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The interesting part came later...

The content generator machine

The client then asked for a new back-end feature. He wanted a way to auto-generate a large number of standardized blog posts listing the different products reviewed on the website. I couldn't find any existing tool to accomplish this goal, so my only choice was to create it from scratch.

Each product was set to a different type, category, and concern. Each list should contain a combination of these taxonomies, eg. Hydrating (type) Serums (category) for Sensitive Skin (concern).

If a new product was added, removed, or edited in the database, any list it could be present in is automatically updated.

With everything in place, I created a button in the website dashboard that automatically generates all possible posts. A post will only be generated if it respects three rules:

  • if there wasn't one like it already published;
  • if it respected a white-list (manually set by the client based on SEO research);
  • if it contained at least a certain number of products (also defined by the client).

In the end, this new feature allows the client to create tens of different posts with a single click. All of the posts are then reviewed and edited by the client's team as they please.

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