About me

I graduated in Graphic Design with an MBA in Design Thinking, currently studying software engineering at 42 Rio. For a long time, I directed Design Magazine Brasil.

Since 2010 I help businesses to communicate better by creating or improving their design strategy. From these demands, I got into website development, and that became one of my main activities.

Seeing the client's needs fulfilled is what moves me forward. It is very common to receive requests that feel more like challenges, due to the inventive skills they require. In return, I offer commitment, research, and the guarantee that I'll finish the job, whatever it takes.

My portfolio includes works I've done for companies and agencies in the following countries: Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland, the USA, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Main tools

Adobe XD
VS Code
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Talks and interviews

2021 - WLD7 Podcast
Strategies for getting clients abroad
2021 - WLD7 Podcast
Web development and technologies
2018 & 2019 - Hackathon Unigranrio
Design mentor
2017 - Arte Total
Panel on content creation
2016 - Conademp
Talk: How much is my work worth
2016 - Hebenário
Talk: Designing your time (2nd ed.)
2016 - COIMID
Talk: Designing your time
2015 - Confred
Talk: Self-promotion with personal projects
2015 - Unigranrio
Round table on different forms of performance of the designer
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