Client work

Elite Academy

It can be easily described as a "Netflix-like" platform with courses in digital marketing.


Web designer and front-end developer


Elite Inc.

Tools and technologies

Liquid, HTML, CSS, JS

About the project

In 2020 I did some projects for Elite Inc., a company based in South Africa and specialized in digital marketing. The most interesting one was this: the construction of a “Netflix-like” platform that offers video courses for subscribers.


The interface design was relatively easy, both because of the clear references that the client gave me and because of the solid visual identity that I had to follow. The thumbnails were made by a separate team.


With the design defined, I had to develop the front-end. The company opted for the Thinkific platform, which works with Liquid, an open-source template language created by Shopify. Although I never worked with it, I adapted rather quickly, since the creation of the models and the modular blocks basically depend on HTML with extra attributes.

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