Client work

Duca Saúde

Duca is a Brazilian health insurance broker company. I had the pleasure the see it's brand identity being created and was hired to design and develop their website.
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Web designer and developer


Duca Saúde

Tools and technologies

Wordpress, Oxygen

About the project

Duca Saúde is a new company. That being said, they had their first visual identity created from the beginning by the designer Diro Soares.

Diro presented my work to the CEO and the Head of Marketing and Sales of the company and they decided to hire me to do both the design and the development of their website.


The client was always very open to discussion, making it an easy project since the strategic phase.

I had the chance to watch closely while Diro created all of the brand elements for Duca, from the logo to the color scheme, fonts etcetera.

Having a well-polished brand identity was crucial for my work while I designed all of the pages for this site. Knowing how the visual elements were conceived and how they were intended to be used helped me to create a consistent look through the entire site.


Development-wise there were no big challenges in this project.

Besides making sure the entire site was well responsive and lightweight, I also wanted it to be easy for the client to manage it with no difficulty. Everything is well organized in the back-end admin panel so they can change what might be necessary without the need of asking for my help.

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